Sony Takes On Wii with Motion-Sensing Game Controller

Sony has launched the official website for its PlayStation Move motion-sensing gaming peripheral.

This site's debut comes ahead of the controller's launch, which is expected at the upcoming E3 games conference in Los Angeles.

The website showcases exclusive images of the PlayStation 3 add-on along with all of its technical specifications.

The device, which will come with a mountable sensor, allows users to play motion-sensing games in a similar fashion to those on the Nintendo Wii gaming device.

The company also revealed a list of games to be released exclusively for the Move controller. These include Move Party, Motion Fighter, TV Superstars, Sports Champion, The Shoot and Brunswick Pro Bowling.

Sony has also stated that stadard games including EyePet, SOCOM 4: U.S. Navy SEALs and Toy Story 3 will also be compatible with the Move gaming peripheral.

The PlayStation Move will sell with the Move motion controller, Move navigation controller and PlayStation Eye accessories.