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Thermaltake launches 80plus Gold PSUs

The 80plus Gold award is starting to become more of a standard tickbox than an elitist symbol these days. Not only have Corsair, Antec and Seasonic all joined the gold rush, but Thermaltake has now started tagging along as well.

The company has just expanded its Toughpower (opens in new tab) range of power supplies with two new Toughpower Grand models that feature the 80plus (opens in new tab) Gold badge. In order to get this decoration, a PSU needs to achieve 87 per cent efficiency at 100 percent load, and 90 per cent efficiency at 50 per cent load.

According to Thermaltake, the efficiency of the new PSUs will not only give you a "guaranteed eco-friendly PSU," but will result in a "noticeable drop" in your electricity bill too.

The two Toughpower Grand PSUs are rated at 750W (the TPG-750M) and 650W (the TPG-650M) respectively, with the peak output rated 100W above this. Thermaltake says they're "ideally suited for high-end gaming and enthusiast PCs powering multi-core processors in combination with multi-GPU setups."

As such, both PSUs feature SLI and CrossFire X certification, as well as a suitably chunky single +12V rail. In the case of the TPG-650M, the +12V rail is rated at 52A, while the TPG-750M gets a 60A +12V rail. There are also four PCI-E connectors (two eight-pin and two six-pin) supplied, so that you can dish out the power to a pair of graphics cards.

With the exception of the essential power plugs, the rest of the cabling is modular, with two four-plug SATA cables, and a further pair of four-Molex cables, one of which also has a floppy connector.

Thermaltake has also developed its own proprietary 140mm dual ball-bearing fan for the series, as well as two anti-vibration gaskets to keep the noise down.

No UK pricing has been announced yet, but the TPG-750M has a recommended retail price of $189.90 (£131) in the US, while the TPG-650M is priced at $169.90 (£117). monitors all leading technology stories and rounds them up to help you save time hunting them down.