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WikiLeaks chopper vid whistleblower arrested

A US Army intelligence officer who allegedly leaked classified video of a helicopter assault in Iraq has been arrested by military police, according to reports.

Specialist Bradley Manning is accused of providing the "Collateral Murder" video, of a Baghdad assault in which civilians and children were killed and wounded, to WikiLeaks, along with thousands of other classified documents, according to Wired.

Manning's identity was revealed to the Army by former black-hat hacker Adrian Lamo, after the SPC contacted him to discuss how he smuggled the data out of secure Army facilities on Lady Gaga CDs.

Lamo reportedly said he decided to report Manning after becoming concerned that his actions were damaging US national security.

The video was posted to WikiLeaks in April. Shot from an Army chopper, it shows an assault on suspected insurgents in Baghdad in 2007.

Reuters reporters apparently carrying cameras, accompanying men carrying weapons, are identified as being armed, and shot dead. Iraqis who later arrive to help the injured are also shot.

About a dozen people are killed in the video.

Wired reports that Manning, following his arrest, is being held in Kuwait.

The video, which has dominated the WikiLeaks home page since it was posted, has now been removed.

Despite the removal, the video is not hard to find but we warn you it is brutal and quite sickening.