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£150 Yamaha NSP280 Black 5.1 Speaker Package

The Yamaha NS-P280 is the ideal speaker package for a separates home cinema system. With five matching satellite speakers, you're guaranteed a consistent and even sound, right around the room. Their compact size also makes the speakers unobtrusive and easy to place; even on the wall.

To lend some weight to the sound, the active subwoofer provided uses Yamaha's advanced YST technology to create a deep, powerful bass response.

Active Servo Technology makes the most of the relatively compact case by forcing out more air through the bass port. The resulting sound is a much more powerful bass output than you'd expect from a subwoofer of this size and price.

Designed specifically to get the best from the latest HD sources, the Yamaha NSP280 surround sound speaker pack offers a perfect introduction into the exhilarating world of home cinema.

You can purchase these speakers from Richersounds for only £150 or £165 with five year warranty.