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Apple Introduces Ground-Breaking Retina Display on iPhone 4

Apple has announced a revolutionary new display technology for its new iPhone 4 during the company's World Wide Developers Conference (WWDC).

Retina Display technology makes the pixels of the display denser, improving image quality over earlier versions of the iPhone.

The advance has been made possible by packing 326 pixels per inch into the 3.5in screen - four times the pixel density of previous iPhone displays.

The display also incorporates 'In-Plane Switching' (IPS), allowing the screen to be viewed from wider angels than typical LCD screens.

The new iPhone's display also makes use of chemically strengthened glass normally used in helicopters windshields, making the screen more scratch-resistant.

An oil-resistant coating has been applied to its surface, helping to maintain a cleaner screen for a longer period of time.

The LED back-light is integrated with a light sensor that adjusts the brightness according to the battery life in order to save power.