Apple Launches eBook Reader for iPhone and iPod Touch

Apple yesterday announced it would offer its iBook e-reader application to the users of its iPhone and iPod Touch devices.

Speaking at the company's World Wide Developers Conference, Apple CEO Steve Jobs said a phenomenal increase in the sale of ebooks - nearly 22 per cent - since the launch of iPad, had prompted the company to port the iBook application to the iPhone and iPod Touch.

Users will be able to purchase and download ebooks from the iBookstore platform, created to compete with Amazon's Kindle online ebook store.

Jobs also announced upgraded features for the recently launched iBook application, including new bookmarks, a new 'notes' feature and a dedicated page to keep a log of all the bookmarks and notes.

The newly upgraded iBook application will also include a PDF viewer.

The company said that once users purchase an ebook from the iBookstore, they can access it from any other Apple gadget - even any saved notes and bookmarks will be synchronised between a user's devices.