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Apple posts iPhone 4 keynote video

Apple has posted the full video of the WWDC keynote given by Steve Jobs yesterday.

During his speech, Jobs introduced the new iPhone 4, gave details of iOS4, the company's newly renamed operating system for iDevices, previewed the iMovie App and introduced a new version of iBooks which works on the iPhone and supports the PDF format.

It's all very Apple and very Californian, but if you can stomach the spontaneous outbursts of whooping and cheering from the frantic fanboy audience (why do they do that... can someone please ask them to stop?), it's worth a look, even if you don't worship at the Altar of Mac.

It's also worth it to see Jobs begging the audience to let him have just a little bit of the the conference hall's massive Wi-Fi bandwidth so that he can do a video-conferencing demo with Apple design wunderkind Johny Ive.

It's a bum-numbing hour and 45 minutes long, give or take, and you can watch it here. You have been warned.

If you want to read the bullet points you can see our take on the keynote here.