Apple Unveils iOS 4.0 at WWDC

Apple chief Steve Jobs has unveiled the operating system for its new iPhone 4 at the World Wide Developer Conference (WWDC) yesterday.

Jobs said in his keynote speech that the new operating system, first seen in April this year, would now be called iOS 4.0, due to its use in the iPad and iPod Touch devices, as well as the iPhone 4.

The Apple CEO claims that the company has added nearly 1,500 improvements to the latest operating system.

The new operating system supports multi-tasking, allowing users to run several applications at the same time, without significantly affecting performance.

It will also adds 5x digital zoom to iPhones, allows the sorting of pictures based on faces or backgrounds, and comes with a built-in spellchecker.

iOS 4 will also include a data protection and device management system, strong VPN support and the capability to use Bluetooth keyboards.

Apple says iOS 4 will be available as a free download from iTunes for second-generation and upwards iPod Touch and iPhone models from 21 June.