Bing Becomes An iPhone 4 Search Engine

Apple has announced that Microsoft's Bing search engine will become a search option for the new iPhone 4.

Bing comes in addition to Google, which has been the default search enginge since the release of Apple's first iPhone.

CNet reports that Microsoft is expected to announce that Bing will become a search option on Mac and Windows versions of Apple's Safari web browser.

Yusuf Mehedi, the senior vice president for the online audience business group at Microsoft, said in a blog post that Apple had also adopted Bing as a search option on the iPad and iPod Touch.

Mehdi said: “We’ve been working with Apple over the last couple of months to deliver a fantastic Bing offering for Safari, including some awesome HTML5 work for Safari on iPhone, and we hope you will be pleased with the results.”

The senior vice president also announced that the company would be incorporating HTML 5 capabilities into the mobile version of the Bing search engine.