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IBM Releases Mote Runner SDK

IBM has released the Mote Runner (opens in new tab) software development kit (SDK) at the Sensors Expo & Conference 2010.

Named after motes - wireless sensor nodes that gather information such as temperature, light and movement and send it back to a network - Mote Runner has the ability to interlink any hardware equipped with wireless sensors

IBM explained: “The development environment of Mote Runner consists a complete tool chain (i.e., converter, assembler, optimizer, shell) to develop mote applications in high-level object-oriented languages such as Java.”

The Mote Runner application will be installed on Memsic Iris micro sensor systems.

Memsic, the company which designs the sensors, reported that the sensor runs on a 2.4GHz powered system, uses an 8-bit processor, with 8 KB of RAM and 64 KB of flash memory, enabling low-power wireless sensor networks to be installed into almost any device.

The SDK can be used to create applications that offer specialised services to the healthcare, travel and gaming industry.

The company has released the SDK as a free download (opens in new tab) for software developers.