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iPhone 4

As this device is being launched in a little over two weeks, I thought the major carriers in the UK would be a bit better prepped than their websites are showing.

O2 wins (barely!) as they have a big splash on their home page where 'find out more' translates into 'we'll get in touch when we can be bothered to get some info together'.

Vodafone have a cursory entry in their 'coming soon' section with a huge blank space where a photo should go.

Orange are 'the wha?'.

I had hoped for more from these multi billion pound companies in this Internet-centric, content managed world but I guess I should have known better.

Orange still like to think they're a social portal, O2 still restrict one credit card to a maximum of two phones so I can't top up my third online and I have never been able to get Vodafone's online upgrade tool to work.

In times like this, I should have expected less.

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