Microsoft Launches Expression Studio 4 Developer Kit

Software giant Microsoft has announced that the company's Expression Studio 4 software development suite has been released as a trial.

The software, which is a set of development tools aimed at creating more visually appealing applications, has been released to the members of the Microsoft Developers Network (MSDN) and will be available for purchase at a later stage.

Expression Studio 4 comprises three major tools: Expression Blend, Expression Web and Expression Encoder.

The company said that the updated version of Expression Blend would offer support for .NET 4 and Silverlight 4 platforms, and will ensure interoperability with Visual Studio 2010, allowing developers to create better-looking applications.

Microsoft explained that Expression Web has been updated to offer SuperView, which enables developers to simultaneously view a web page as it would appear in several browsers. It also said that the new Expression Encoder would provide better screen captures, offer better video quality at low bitrates and enable DRM protection of live video.

The software is available as a trial download here.