Mobile Ad Deal Could See Adobe Back on the iPad

Adobe Systems has partnered with mobile advert developer Greystripe to create Flash-based advertisements.

The partnership will create adverts that are compatible with the HTML 5 web standards used by Apple's Safari browser on the iPad.

The move could allow Adobe access to the iPad after Apple CEO Steve Jobs banned Adobe software from Apple devices, publicly denouncing Flash as a security risk.

By making the adverts compatible with HTML 5, Adobe hopes that they will not be rejected by Apple, which has chosen to support the standards.

Greystripe already offers Flash-based adverts for the Safari browser on Apple's iPhone and iPod Touch.

Experts do not yet know what Adobe can offer Greystripe that the company doesn't already have.

Greystripe CEO Michael Chang said: “We're committed to making it easy for advertisers to achieve results in mobile by removing barriers to execution and offering the engaging power of Flash-authored creatives on the iPhone and iPad.”