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New Book Lays Bare The Inner World of Facebook

A new book claims to lay bare the internal working of the world's biggest social networking site.

'The Facebook Effect - The Inside Story of the Company That Is Connecting the World' is written by former Fortune Magazine columnist David Kirkpatrick.

The book has been officially endorsed by Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg, as part of a drive to improve the company's public image in the wake of criticism over its handling of users' private data. Zuckerberg himself wrote a recent column in the Washington Post, explaining his company's standpoint.

Zuckerberg provided the book's author with extensive access to staff and workings of Facebook.

Kirkpatrick provides a very elaborate account of the social network's evolution from a dorm room project in 2004 to the most-viewed website on the internet.

According to Kirkpatrick's figures, 20 per cent of the internet's 1.7 billion users worldwide make regular visits to Facebook.

Kirkpatrick portrays Zuckerberg as an ordinary guy with great vision and ambition, and describes his business as the “fastest-growing company of any type in history”.