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Orange reveals mobile-charging wellies

Mobile operator Orange is to show off its new 'green' phone charger at the Glastonbury festival – Power Wellies.

The boots come hot on the heels of Nokia's bicycle-powered charger, reported on THINQ last week.

They're the brainchild of charmingly-named renewable energy experts GotWind. They work by converting heat generated by the wearer's feet into electrical energy using a series of tiny thermoelectric semiconductor modules, sandwiched between ceramic wafers in the sole.

The wellies harness the so-called 'Seebeck' effect, generating a voltage as a result of the temperature difference between the underside of the sole and the wearer's foot. So the sweatier things get, the faster the boots will charge.

You'll be able to see the Power Wellies in action amidst the inevitable mud of the Glastonbury Festival, which starts on 24 June. Orange is the festival's official communication partner, and plans to have a prototype on site.

Anyone wanting to charge their phone up this way had better prepare themselves for a fair bit of walking, though: Orange says 12 hours walking round the Glastonbury mud will provide enough charge for an hour of talk time.

Model not included.