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Rural Wales 'Not-Spots' To Get Broadband

BT and the Welsh Assembly are set to bring broadband to four welsh 'not-spots'.

The four areas, Beulah and Ystrad Meurig in Ceredigion and Cil-y-Cwm and Llanfynydd in Carmarthenshire, are expected to have access to broadband by the end of the summer.

"Not-spots" are the places where providing broadband is difficult due to the distance from houses to the nearest telephone exchange.

The scheme is a part of the joint project initiated by Welsh Assembly, BT and the Regional Innovative Broadband Support Scheme (RIBS) in 2006, which aims provide broadband coverage to those areas too far away from a telephone exchange to be able to receive conventional DSL broadband.

The areas have been included in the list of 8,500 Welsh premises that to get broadband.

Welsh Assemble Economy and Transport Minister Ieuan Wyn Jones said: "Access to the digital world is crucial in a modern global economy and we cannot afford to leave anybody behind. This is why we have committed to finding ways for the relatively few areas in Wales that remain unable to access broadband."