Study says handheld piracy costs £28 billion

Japan's Computer Entertainment Suppliers Association has made up some mightily impressive numbers which show how much damage pirates are doing to the portable console industry.

The organisation counted every download of the top 20 titles from from 114 illegal sites and then multiplied that number by four to come up with the 3.816 trillion yen (£28 billion) total.

The study failed to take into account the fact that the vast majority of people who downloaded the illegal files would probably have played them for 20 seconds before deciding they were utterly unworthy and permanently deleting them.

Unlike their grown up siblings, portable consoles have a problem when it comes to playable demos meaning there is no try-before-you-buy system in place.

Until the portable games industry works out a way to let punters sort the wheat from the ever-increasing pile of chaff, speculative piracy will always be a problem.

We are not supporting piracy in any way, but arguing that every single illegal download of a game directly equates to a lost sale is, quite frankly, meaningless.