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Adobe finds patches for fatal flaws

Adobe has managed to find a virtual finger to plug the leaky dyke that its Flash player has been for the past few days.

The embattled outfit will release its Flash patch tomorrow, plugging a vulnerability that may have left your machine open to virtual take-over. Unless you're Steve Jobs, that is, in which case you presumably avoid most online video like the plague.

On its security bog, Adobe said the security update for Flash Player will be available by June 10, 2010, but the security update for the equally vulnerable Reader and Acrobat programs won't be available until June 29.

"The June 29, 2010 security update for Adobe Reader and Acrobat represents an accelerated release of the next quarterly security update originally scheduled for July 13," Adobe's Brad Arkin wrote.

In addition to addressing the disclosed vulnerabilities, Arkin wrote that the accelerated next quarterly Adobe Reader and Acrobat update "will also resolve a number of responsibly-disclosed vulnerabilities". These are presumably holes that Adobe has been told about but about which we'd be better off not knowing.

"The full details will be in the Security Bulletin and Release Notes we will publish when the security update is posted."

Go here tomorrow to patch your Flash.

According to Kaspersky Labs, Adobe's software applications are probably the most targetted apps on the Interweb.