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Adobe Postpones Reader Patch

Adobe has decided to postpone the release of a patch for a flaw in its Reader PDF viewer until the end of the month.

Computer World reports that Adobe will still be releasing the patch to solve a related vulnerability in its Flash software, scheduled for 10 June.

In a security advisory released by the company on Friday, Adobe had said that the Flash bug affected versions of Adobe Reader and Acrobat 9.x in Windows, Macs and UNIX systems.

Many anti-virus firms have said that hackers are already exploiting the vulnerability using malicious PDF documents and that the exploit code has been made publicly available on the internet.

Adobe has stated that the bug could result in hackers taking control of an affected system.

In a blog post, Brad Arkin, Adobe's director of security and privacy, said: “Two patches within three weeks would have incurred too much churn and patch management overhead on our users, in particular for customers with large managed environments.”

Arkin went on to say that the security update for Adobe Reader and Acrobat will be released 29 June.