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AMD knocked back in Radeon patent spat

Graphics Properties Holdings - formerly Silicon Graphics - said it has secured a "significant favourable ruling" in its litigation with ATI Technologies and Advanced Micro Devices over graphics technology.

On Friday, the Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit rejected AMD's licence defence and reversed the previous claim construction ruling regarding several key claim terms in GPHI's US Patent No. 6,650,327.

GPHI said that, as a result, its patent infringement claims against AMD's Radeon product line have been remanded back to the Western District of Wisconsin to address the issue of infringement and, it said, "the amount of damages to which GPHI may be entitled".

The Federal Circuit upheld the jury verdict on the validity of GPHI's patent and furthermore found that AMD had lost its right to challenge patent validity in future proceedings.

Previously at trial, AMD lost on its claim that the patent was unenforceable.

Bradley Scher, president of GPHI, reckoned: "Our graphics technology is critically important for a vast array of products including, among other things, video game consoles, computers and cell phones."

AMD's corporate PR spokesman told THIINQ this afternoon: "The Court of Appeals affirmed the District Court’s judgment in favo[u]r of AMD on the majority of GPHI’s claims, and we are pleased that it did so. With respect to the remaining claims of the sole remaining patent that may now return to the District Court for further proceedings, AMD will continue to defend itself, and expects that it will prevail."

Graphics Properties Holdings is an "asset management company" claiming over 300 patents for graphics, computer and display technologies. It said it is in the business of "managing its patent portfolio and realising value for its owners through licensing and other means."

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