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Gamers: Reactions of a Fighter Pilot, Lungs of a 60-Year-Old Smoker

A recent study conducted by a British academic has revealed that elite computer gamers have the reactions of fighter pilots, but the bodies of 60-year-old chain smokers.

Essex University Professor Dr Dominic Micklewright analysed the psychological skills and the level of fitness among professional gamers, comparing the data with that of top atheletes.

Dr Micklewright revealed that gamers share similar levels of concentration and reaction times to top athletes, but tend to be highly unfit.

One gamer in his twenties tested by Dr Mickelwright appeared to have a fit and healthy physique, but had the lungs of a 60-year-old chain smoker.

The study also found that athletes have a very positive self-image, a trait also shared by the gamers - though on a comparatively lesser scale.

Dr Micklewright said that too much time spent gaming could have a seriously detrimental effect on a young gamer's development. "Screen time with children has a very strong correlation with childhood obesity and risk factors with heart disease later in life." he said.

Dr Micklewright's study was conducted for the BBC Radio 4 documentary 'The eSportsmen (opens in new tab)'.