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Google Caffeine: The Faster, Fresher Search Engine Index

Google has added a new web indexing system, named 'Caffeine', to its search engine.

Caffeine is designed to allow users to receive more up-to-date results for their search queries.

In a blog post, Google (opens in new tab) said that the new indexing system would provide 50 per cent fresher search results than the previous index.

The company explained that Caffeine is capable of indexing "hundreds of thousands of pages" every second.

These pages are then added straight to the database, allowing users to get fresher and faster search results.

Google said it has created Caffeine with the evolution of content on the internet in mind. The company said new pages and information are added to the web every second, and that Caffeine aims to index every single one of the them.

On the same blog, Carrie Grimes, Google Software Engineer, wrote: “We've built Caffeine with the future in mind. Not only is it fresher, it's a robust foundation that makes it possible for us to build an even faster and more comprehensive search engine.”