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iPhone 4 to be sold by just about everyone

When the first iPhone hit UK shores, many potential purchasers were annoyed because Apple had struck an exclusive deal with O2.

Now, with the fourth coming of the holy handset on the horizon, Apple has spread the love to all and sundry, with O2, Vodafone and Orange all getting in on the act from the launch.

Today, T-Mobile has also confirmed that it will be flogging the iPhone 4, with its dual cameras, fancy flash, revolutionary retina display, HD video recording and editing, and multi-tasking.

Unfortunately, early adopters will have to look elsewhere as T-Mobile won't be dealing with the clamouring queues on day one.

The outfit has admitted that, although it will be selling the device at some undefined point in the future, it won't have stocks on the expected June 24th release date.

Multi-carrier outlets Carphone Warehouse and Phones 4U will also stock the handset, tied to any number of airtime providers.

However, if the iPad experience is anything to go by, Apple will let gadget-grabbing America have its fill of the iPhone 4 before even thinking of shipping any to us second-class citizens in the rest of the world.

We expect the launch date to be put back several times before you get even a sniff of Apple's shiny new toy in the UK.