iWork To Be Available For The iPhone 4?

Apple has unwittingly encouraged rumours that the iWork productivity suite will be available on the iPhone 4.

A screen shot of the new iPhone 4 on Apple's American website shows the option to open an attachment on the device in 'Keynote'.

Keynote is a part of the iWork suite, currently only available on the iPad.

At the unveiling of the iPhone, Apple did not state that iWork would be available for the new device, leading to speculation that the screen shot may simply be a mistake by Apple.

Further suggesting the screen shot to be a mistake, Apple were quick to change the picture with another, replacing the 'Open in keynote' tab with the 'Open in iBook' tab.

The integration of iWork with iPhone 4 will significantly enhance the iPhone 4's features, potentially increasing sales of iPhones amongst business consumers.

Apple have yet to release any information on whether or not iWork will be available for the iPhone 4.