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Pulse Back in iPad App Store After NYT Attempts Ban

The New York Times yesterday asked Apple to ban the popular iPad RSS reader application Pulse from its App Store.

Pulse downloads and displays the RSS feeds from news web sites, including the New York Times, aggregating them in a single easy-to-read interface. In doing so, the Times said it breached the RSS feed's terms use, which prohibits the commercial use of its content - Pukse is a paid-for app costing $3.99.

In a statement, the New York Times said (opens in new tab): “The Pulse News Reader app, makes commercial use of the and RSS feeds, in violation of their Terms of Use. Thus, the use of our content is unlicensed”.

Robert Christie, speaking for the New York Times, said: "We want to be clear that we are willing to work with Pulse, but only under our terms of use."

The app was removed from the iPad App Store yesterday, but was back within hours. Rumour has it that Apple CEO Steve Jobs himself appealed to the New York Times to reconsider. Jobs had specifically referred to the application in his keynote speech to Apple's World Wide Developer Conference on Monday.

Pulse is the most- downloaded RSS reader for the iPad, making sull use of the device's 'flick and scroll' interface. It is believed to have helped the New York Times gain more than 35,000 subscribers.