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Sony to launch first 3D PS3 games on Friday

If you were wondering why Sony is shutting down half the PSN network today for maintenance, then wonder no more. We reckon the company's simply gearing up for the launch of the PlayStation 3's first stereoscopic 3D games.

Sony Japan reportedly announced the date of 10 June for the launch of its first 3D games last month, coinciding with the launch of Sony's new range of 120Hz 3D TVs. However, Sony Computer Entertainment Europe has apparently since decided to keep quiet about the possibility of the PlayStation 3 getting the 3D treatment in Europe.

We decided to do a bit of digging, and found out that Sony is indeed planning to show off its first 3D wares in London tomorrow, with the full retail launch coming the following Friday.

Among the attendees at tomorrow's event will not only be representatives from Sony Pictures Home Entertainment and Sony Consumer Products, but also officials from Sony Computer Entertainment Europe.

We wonder what they'll be showing off at an event titled "Sony unveils the ultimate 3D home entertainment experience." You don't think it might be the first 3D PlayStation 3 games, do you?

If you want any more proof, then check out Sony UK's 3D entertainment website, where this picture showing a PlayStation 3 and a screenshot from Wipeout HD can be seen. Along with Mr Pain and Star Strike HD, Wipeout HD is one of the games that Sony Japan confirmed would be kitted out with full 3D support on launch day.