Sony Reveals New Vaio J All-In-One PC

Sony has unveiled its new Vaio J Series computer - an all-in-one desktop PC and HD touchscreen integrated into a single unit.

The Vaio J series boasts a 21.5in, full HD 1080p screen with multi-lamp technology, Display Plus touchscreen software and unique 'loop' styling.

Sony claims that its multi-lamp technology improved colour output on the new Vaio J's display richer and brighter. The PC's built-in Display Plus software is set to provide 'fingertip control' over the touchscreen.

Sony describes the Vaio's space-saving 'loop' design thus: "The computer's unique 'loop' design offers space underneath the screen to stow the keyboard while you're watching movies or enjoying music."

The Vaio J series comes equipped with a 2.26GHz Intel Core i3 processor, Nvidia Geforce 310m GPU, 4GB of DDR3 SDRAM and Windows 7 Home Premium.

Sony has not yet disclosed prices for the new Vaio J Series, but the rnage is expected to be rolled out from July this year.