UK Government Lays Out New Superfast Broadband Plan

UK cultural secretary Jeremy Hunt has hinted at the possibility of new legislation aimed at speeding up the release of superfast broadband across the UK.

The BBC reports that Jeremy Hunt has acknowledged the need for the introduction of superfast broadband, stating that his goal is to provide provide Britain with the "best superfast broadband network in Europe".

In his first public speech as minister, Hunt said that the previous government's efforts to roll out 2 Mbps broadband were "pitifully unambitious".

Though he failed to highlight a definite roll-out plan, experts believe that it may be necessary to force gas, electricity and water companies to share their underground ducts with ISPs.

The move will significantly cut the costs of laying a broadband network, making investing in broadband services lot more lucrative.

He said: “Superfast broadband is not simply about doing the same things faster. It's about doing totally new things - creating a platform on which a whole generation of new businesses can thrive.”