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Windows Phone 7 Will Have Office Built In

Microsoft has said that its new Windows Phone 7 handset will come with Office, Exchange and SharePoint installed.

Microsoft made the announcement during its TechEd 2010 conference, saying the inclusion of the software would make the phone attractive to business users when it is released later this year.

Writing on the Windows Phone blog, Microsoft's Paul Bryan explained that the device's advantage is that it makes enterprise's software ubiquitous, saying (opens in new tab): “Organizations are interested in investments they have already made (e.g. Exchange,

SharePoint, Office). Windows Phone 7 enables the IT support most organizations need without the need for additional infrastructure."

Bryan also believes that the inclusion of Office Phone 7 on the device is a big advantage.

He said: "We've designed an Office hub that is both engaging and familiar to the more than 500 million people worldwide who already use Microsoft Office, while introducing a new level of integration with SharePoint, which grew by more than 20% last year alone."

Windows Phone 7 has a touchscreen similar to that of Microsoft's Zune HD music player and is set to include basic office applications such as PowerPoint, OneNote, Word, Excel and SharePoint.