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Apple Recognises App Developers At WWDC Awards Ceremony

Apple has praised developers of iPhone and iPad applications at its annual Apple Design Awards, held during its World Wide Developer Conference.

Winning applications were shortlisted on the basis of innovation, technical excellence and technology adoption.

Apple normally include developers working on the Macintosh platform, but this year chose to leave them out, leaving many veteran developers confused as to why Apple chose to igonre its flagship platform.

Among the wining applications (opens in new tab) Michelin starred chef Jamie Oliver's 20 Minute Meals app, which was described by Apple as “a self-contained digital mini-cookbook that sets the bar with an attractive interface that demonstrates tremendous attention to detail and high production value.”

Other applications honoured by Apple include Brushes, a painting app for the iPhone, Star Walk, an iPad app which helps locate stars and constellations and Flight Control HD, an iPad game which lets users fly planes against each other.

Also awarded was the Financial Times iPad application, Articles Wikipedia application, Doodle Jump, Pinball HD and Real Racing.