Beta of iPhone 4 OS Leaks Onto Internet

A beta version of Apple's new iOS 4 has been leaked onto the internet prior to the commercial release of the operating system.

The 'iOS 4 gold master build' had previously been made available by Apple for developers to test, but had soon spread across the internet.

Owners of Apple's iPhone and iPod Touch devices can now try the new iOS 4 by downloading the iOS 4 gold master build, along with the beta version of iTunes 9.2.

Many blogs have posted links to enable their users to download iOS 4, as well as providing them with extensive tutorials on how to install the operating system on their iPhones.

One enterprising hacker has also released a tool called Pwnage to 'jailbreak' iOS 4, enabling users to install the new operating system on earlier models of the iPhone.

Because the new iOS 4 requires iTunes 9.2 to run, however, the new operating system is only available to Mac users.