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Google Accused of Deliberate Snooping By Privacy Watchdog

Non-profit organisation Privacy International has repeated accusations that Google intentionally collected user Wi-Fi data for its own use.

Privacy International's claims are based on a report compiled by Stroz Friedberg, a third party hired by

Google to conduct an audit of the data collected by the company.

The organisation is using the report as the basis for a case against the company, which is currently under criminal investigation by prosecutors in Germany, France, Australia and the Czech Republic.

In a statement Privacy International said: “The independent audit of the Google system shows that the system used for the Wi-Fi collection intentionally separated out unencrypted content (payload data) of communications and systematically wrote this data to hard drives.”

It also added that the downloading of unsecured Wi-Fi payload data was not a 'mistake' as Google claims it to be but was a 'criminal act' mounted to breach the communication data.