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Legislation Could See Fibre Broadband Roll-Out Across UK

UK Culture Secretary Jeremy Hunt has revealed plans to accelerate the countrywide deployment of broadband.

The UK Government has plans to introduce legislation that could force gas, water and electrical suppliers to provide access to their underground ducts with ISPs in order to deploy a high-speed broadband network across the UK.

Antony Walker, CEO of the Broadband Stakeholders Group, has welcomed the interest shown by the new government - but says legislation should be used as a last resort.

BT, which is already working with the Welsh assembly to digitally connect all "not-spots" in Wales, has welcomed the move.

Connecting rural areas with broadband is an extremely expensive operation and BT believe that the sharing of underground ducts could significantly lower the costs.

Hunt and industry leaders agree that the UK is currently suffering from a massive digital divide.

Experts say internet service providers should work together to help connect every household in the UK to high-speed broadband services.