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MSN poll: poor and old must suffer

A survey on Microsoft's MSN UK news site has provided a shocking insight into the British public's views on the Government's forthcoming cuts.

With nearly 1.3 million votes counted, 99 per cent of respondents said they supported cuts that hit the poor or the elderly hardest.

Fifty-three per cent favoured cuts to services for the elderly, and 46 per cent believed support for the poorest sections of society should be cut.

Just one per cent said that the Government's forthcoming emergency budget, due on 22 June, should hit the well-off hardest.

Not a single person voted for measures that might affect those in the middle-income bracket.

We smell a rat, but the poll is still running. You can access it from this page.

MSN declined to comment on the views of its users in the poll. Oddly enough, though, soon after THINQ got in touch, the poll had mysteriously disappeared.

We've asked for an explanation, but it seems MSN spinners are feeling too sheepish to admit they've been had.