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New Software Lets Students Take Exams At Home

US-based firm Software Secure has created sophisticated software that will allow students take their exams from the comfort of the their own homes.

The BBC has reported that the software can be installed on a student's home computer by means of a standalone device.

The software includes anti-cheating functions that 'lock down' the computer, preventing the student from accessing the internet and other applications that would allow them to cheat during the exam.

Prior to taking the exam, the software will verify the identity of the student using finger-print scanning technology. The software also runs the computer's webcam and microphone for the duration of the exam, to detect telephone conversations or the sound of others entering the room.

The software is currently being tested at Cardiff university.

Speaking to the BBC, Cardiff University's senior learning development officer Mark Pelling said: “I can't see it changing the face of exams completely - there are still situations where you want to have people in a hall - but in some situations it could be valuable.”