News@10: Frontierville, The Apple Design Awards & BackBerry App World

A recent study conducted by a British academic has revealed that elite computer gamers have the reactions of fighter pilots, but the bodies of 60-year-old chain smokers.

Google has released its Google Maps 4.2 navigation system for countries outside the United Kingdom and United States of America, including Canada, France, Italy, Germany, Spain and the Netherlands.

Zynga, the company behind the popular Facebook game Farmville, has released Frontierville on the social networking site, offering players considerably more strategic depth than the previous Farmville.

Apple has praised developers of iPhone and iPad applications at its annual Apple Design Awards, held during its World Wide Developer Conference. Winning applications were shortlisted on the basis of innovation, technical excellence and technology adoption.

Research In Motion has launched BalckBerry App World for the Japanese market. The company said that the app store can be accessed via the Wi-Fi networks and mobile broadband services.