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News@5: O2 iPhone 4 Upgrades, Twitter Breakdown & Data Protection Laws

The UK's Fibre To The Home (FTTH) Council has urged the Government to speed up the release of fibre-optic broadband connections across the country. While the UK lead the way for the first broadband, it is now lagging.

Mobile phone provider O2 has revealed its plans to allow existing customers to upgrade their handsets to the new Apple iPhone 4, even if their contract has not yet expired.

Twitter users lost key features yesterday as engineers at the micro-blogging site struggled to repair networking equipment. During the outage, users were either unable to log in to the website, or experienced an excruciatingly slow service.

US-based firm Software Secure has created sophisticated software that will allow students take their exams from the comfort of the their own homes.

Law firm Field Fisher Waterhouse has warned that the UK's data protection laws are not in line with European legislation. The law firm says that this disparity may lead to complications in the future.