O2 Announces iPhone 4 Upgrades for Existing Users

Mobile phone provider O2 has revealed its plans to allow existing customers to upgrade their handsets to the new Apple iPhone 4.

O2 is offering its existing customers an upgrade to the latest Apple gadget, the iPhone 4, even if their contract has not yet expired.

To upgrade to the iPhone 4, customers will have to £20 for each month they have remaining on their existing contract, and will need to sign up for another 18 or 24 month contract.

The offer is only available for one month, starting on the iPhone's day of release, 24 June.

Altenatively, owners of the current iPhone 3GS 16GB model can trade in their handset for up to £240, or the 32 GB variant for up to £253, giving them a significant sum to out towards the purchase of a new iPhone 4.

O2 has yet to announce any prices or tariffs for the new Apple iPhone 4.