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O2 Ends Unlimited Mobile Data Plans FOr Smartphones

O2 is set to stop offering unlimited data on its smartphone tariffs.

From 24 June, any smartphone bought on an O2 contract will be subject to a 'fair usage' data cap.

Any customers signing up for contracts worth £35 per month and under after this date will be given a monthly data allowance of 500MB. Those on £40-£45 per month contracts will get 750MB. Users on the top-end contracts worth £60 per month can download up to 1GB data for free.

Users will be charged £5 for every additional 500MB they use over the data limit.

Existing O2 customers will still be able to access unlimited data on their smartphone - as long as they stay on the same plan.

O2 has stated that the move has been made in response to customer requests for clearer pricing from the company.

The company has said that the increased revenue it expects to gain from the changes to its data policy will be pumped straight back into improving O2's network performance, benefiting customers.

As a promotional offer, O2 will still be offering unlimited data to customers who have signed up for the new plans until 1 October.