Office for Mac Not Available in 64-bit

Microsoft has announced that the upcoming Office 2011 for Mac productivity suite will not available in 64-bit.

Microsoft's Office for Mac development team wrote on its blog that developers would not be able to port the user interface of Office 2011 to Apple's Cocoa platform on time, meaning Mac users will have to be content with a 32-bit version.

The company said that although there was not much difference between 64-bit and 32-bit versions of Office 2011, 32-bit users might e3ncounter problems opening large files such as Excel spreadsheets containing millions of cells.

Writing on the blog, Jake Hoelter, product manager of the Office for Mac team, wrote: “Office 2011 will look and feel great regardless of what technology is powering which bit of the user interface. Most users with typical or even larger-than-average document content will not notice a difference in performance.”