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Samsung Hits Back at Apple Claims Over Retina Display

Samsung has dismissed the Apple iPhone 4's new Retina Display as "marketing puffery", saying that its own display technology is far superior.

Launching the iPhone 4 at the WWDC, Apple CEO Steve Jobs claimed that the Retina Display technology used in the new iPhone outshone Samsung's Active Matrix Organic Light Emitting Diode (AMOLED) technology.

Samsung has retaliated, saying that the Retina Display used by Apple in the iPhone 4 consumes 30 per cent more battery than the AMOLED display.

Responding to Apple's claim that its Retina Display offered superiority quality to AMOLED, a Samsung spokesperson said (opens in new tab): “The visibility difference is only 3 to 5 per cent. But raising resolution to that level increases battery consumption by 30 per cent.”

He also mentioned that the AMOLED display was better than Retina Display in terms of response time, contrast ratio and colour reproduction.

The Apple iPhone 4's Retina Display offers a pixel resolution of 960x640, whilst the Samsung Galaxy S's AMOLED display offers 800x480.