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Samsung To Hold Bada Developer Day

Samsung has announced its first Developer Day, to be held on 18 June in London.

The event, which will take place at the Congress Centre, 23-28 Great Russell Street in London, has been organised to build developers' enthusiasm for its new Bada operating system.

Samsung will provide developers attending the event with all the necessary help and information they need to create top applications for the newly released platform.

The company will also introduce attendees to all of Samsung's applications, its application store, and its application certification process.

The event will feature a number of prominent speakers, and presentations will be made on almost everything related to the Bada platform, including routes, markets, content management, and interface design.

Samsung will be distributing a number of prizes over the course of the event, as part of its Global Developer Challenge - the first Samsung Developers day in Europe.

Company officials have hinted at more than 20 such events by the end of 2010.