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Toshiba ships mini 600GB enterprise drives

The enterprise hard drive market took a further step towards the 2.5in takeover today, as Toshiba announced that it's begun volume shipping of its latest MBF range of 2.5-inch drives, targeted specifically at the server industry.

The drives come in capacities of 300GB, 450GB and 600GB and spin at 10,025rpm. By spinning a small and dense platter at this speed, Toshiba says the drives can achieve a maximum data transfer rate of 216MB/sec.

The company also claims that the drive's power-saving features enable the platters to spin at a lower speed according to the workload, apparently reducing power consumption by up to 28 per cent.

The drives also come equipped with a 6Gb/sec serial-attached-SCSI (SAS) interface, and feature a 16MB buffer. Toshiba quotes the average seek-time as 4ms when reading, and 4.4ms when writing.

Of course, Toshiba isn't the only company to have hit the 600GB mark on a 2.5-inch 10,000rpm hard drive. Seagate's Savvio drives, for example, feature similar specifications, but Toshiba is still proud that the MBF family "meets the exacting standards of the enterprise market."

According to Toshiba, 2.5-inch drives are continuing to become ever more popular in the enterprise storage market. The company points out that they're particularly popular in mid-range volume servers, mainstream storage arrays and blade and rack-mount servers.

As well as offering a decent capacity and fast data access, 2.5-inch drives can also "reduce data centre floor space requirements as well as lower storage infrastructure and management costs," says the company.