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UK Government Urged to Speed Up Fibre Broadband Roll-Out

The UK's Fibre To The Home (FTTH) Council has urged the Government to speed up the release of fibre-optic broadband connections across the country.

FTTH council says that by deploying fibre optic lines for high-speed internet connections, businesses and customers will be able to make the most of the web applications that require a greater bandwidth.

The UK led the way with the introduction of the first generation of broadband in the late 1990s using copper wires, but has since lagged behind.

Countries such as Estonia, Slovenia and Sweden now have more FTTH subscribers than the UK. Sweden has connected 500,000 homes using fibre optic broadband - the UK has a mere 5,000 FTTH subscribers.

President of the FTTH Council, Chris Holden, stated (opens in new tab): “In the UK there are just 5,000 homes with FTTH connections, and only around 2.5 million in Europe. In the Far East, where government regulation is much more proactive, some 38 million people are connected directly via fibre."

Holden also noted that with online services such as internet TV and videoconferencing on the rise, it will be important for UK to roll out FTTH as soon as possible.