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UK ISPs Announce Shortlist for Internet Villain of the Year

The Internet Service Providers Association (ISPA) has announced the nominations for its annual awards ceremony, to be held in July.

The nominations for ISPA's 'Internet Hero of the Year' are Bridget Fox, Tom Watson and the 38 Degrees campaign group.

All of the nominees have actively campaigned against the controversial Digital Economy Act.

Nominees for 'Internet Villain of the Year' are Lord Mandelson, the business secretary who introduced the Act; the UK parliament, which is accused of passing the bill without sufficient discussion; ACS:Law and Lord Clement-Jones, for introducing web-locking to the bill.

ISPA's nominations clearly reflect the attitude of ts members to the Digital Economy Act, which was implemented to trace and fine copyright infringers on the internet.

The Act was opposed by all UK internet service providers.

According to Nicholas Lansman, the secretary general of ISPA, the nominations are the result of serious consideration given to those people who exerted a positive influence on this accelerating sector - along with those people who did not.