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UK Woman Flashes Bra at Google Street View Car

A woman from East Sussex has become an internet celebrity after she flashed her bra at a passing Google Street View car.

The woman, who works at the Doma Farm Nursery in Uckfield East Sussex, flashed her bra after spotting a Google Street View car with a camera on top passing her workplace.

The lady quickly took the opportunity to reveal her underwear, surprising everyone at her workplace.

Her employers noticed her flashing at the Google cameras, but have denied taking any disciplinary action against her.

Google Street View cars, which have covered nearly 96 per cent of the UK's roads, have previously caught a Glaswegian council worker as he dropped his trousers to 'moon' at the car. The cars have also caught a young couple kissing by the roadside.

The woman joins the ranks of other Google Street view pranksters whose activities have been revealed by the search engine giant recently.