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Zynga Launches Frontierville On Facebook

Zynga, the company behind the popular Facebook game Farmville, has released Frontierville on the social networking site.

Developed by Zynga East Studios, Frontierville offers players considerably more strategic depth than the previous Farmville.

Players will now be able to interact more with friends' farms. A player can now visit another's farm to perform various chores, giving themselves a reputation boost.

Frontierville players can also start a virtual family, the first time this feature made available in any Zygna game. Players will now be able to marry a virtual spouse and have virtual children on the game.

Zynga's Brian Reynolds said: "The Wild West and the frontier are natural settings for adventure, and the ideal of raising an imaginary family appealed to many of our players."

He went on to say: "Whenever Zynga considers new game themes, we discuss possibilities with social game players and what appeals to them most. Many women we talked to had fond memories of shows like Little House on the Prairie, and a lot of the men referenced western adventure movies, so we decided to bring them together in one great game."

The game comes with enhanced 2D graphics, including weather changes, animal attacks and plant growth.