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Adobe Launches Souped-Up Flash Player 10.1

Adobe has released its Flash Player 10.1 software for Mac OS X, Windows and Linux users.

The new Flash Player 10.1 plug-in will come with updated features including smoother content rendering, as well as support for private browsing, which will prevent Flash and browsing data from being stored locally.

The company has said that users of the Mac versions of Opera, Safari and Firefox web browsers will now be able to download the plug-in.

The new Flash Player will not support the Macintosh version of Google's Chrome web browser.

Adobe has also warned that support for private browsing will not be available on Opera and Safari web browsers.

The Windows version of the plug-in will come with a new DRM tool, designed to prevent continuous playback of video content over analogue or digital outputs.

Adobe has confirmed that the company is about to launch the final version of Flash for Android-based mobile phones.

The company has also said that Flash player will be available for HP's Palm OS, Microsoft's Windows Phone 7, Nokia's Symbian OS, and RIM's BlackBerry OS in the future.