Adobe releases final version of Flash 10.1

Adobe has released version 10.1 of its Flash Player for Windows, Mac and Linux.

Adobe says version 10.1 is a major update. Its most significant feature is perhaps the fact that it plugs a critical vulnerability that has been flapping open for a week, allowing attackers who had a mind to so, to take over your PC.

Adobe recommended using the 10.1 release candidate to plug the hole. It also produced a fix for the vulnerability within days, but this new release supersedes the need to install that.

Also vulnerable to attack is Adobe's PDF viewer, Adobe Reader 9.x as well as Acrobat 9.x. These aren't fixed yet.

Adobe has also introduced Air 2 - a major update since its original release two years ago. Adobe said the fresh Air improves overall performance, HTML support and includes new APIs for developers.

The firm said a broad range of Air 2 applications are expected soon, including an updated Avatar application from 20th Century Fox

Flash Player 10.1 has improved performance, power management and video features; new multi-touch and private browsing capabilities; and provides a better Flash Player experience for Mac user, Adobe said.

Both apps are available through this Adobe blog page.