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Google Dumps Search Page Backgrounds

Internet giant Google has disabled recently introduced customisation features on its search page after a bug caused problems with the rendering of background images.

Google users had not taken to the introduction of the Bing-like interface, which replaced the traditional white background with pictures from famous photographers.

The new search page incorporates various images, and pictures of sculptures by renowned artists as backgrounds and also gives the user option of putting up their own images or pictures as the background.

Many users complained that they were not able to change the background without signing up for a Google mail account, and within hours of making the change, the phrase "Remove Google background image" had become the second most-used search terms on its search engine.

Marissa Mayer, VP Search Products & User Experience at Google had posted in her blog about the problems faced by the users due to the technical bug by stating (opens in new tab): “As a result, many people thought we had permanently changed our home page, so we decided to stop today's series early. We appreciate your feedback and patience as we experiment."